Energy backup & powertrain

Li-ion battery cells connected in series require individual control and balancing of voltage. We can raise the voltage without series connection with our patented power electronics technology. Our cells are always connected parallel and they are always in balance. It means that the optimal capacity is available at all times and the life-time of the pack is not compromised in any way.​

Where to use

The technology can be used in battery back-up, DC-power source or in electric motor drives. In vehicle use we can replace multiple components with one unit that controls the battery, motor, contactors, fuses and peripherals. In all cases we have an option of remote user interface by Bluetooth for the operator or for a fleet manager through our Cloud service.

DC Power Solutions​

Our DC Power Unit is universal battery power concept for any voltage between 0 – 48VDC. It can be used as DC power source or as an battery back-up system. Battery capacity can be freely configured according to the solution requirements. Output voltage is stable regardless of the battery State Of Charge (SOC). Unit is bi-directional and can be charged with any voltage between 5 – 48VDC from different sources. Applications include RV and other recreational use, UPS, military solutions and many more.​

Flexible Charging​

Charging Li-ion batteries is a complex task. Behind every simple plug-in action there is a vast amount of electronics and programming hidden from the sight of the consumer to ensure the safety and longevity of the cells.  ​

Our system is different. The cells balance between themselves and only take as much charge as each individual cell is capable of.​

For you it means lower lifetime costs through longer battery lifetime and unparallel flexibility in charging. Our systems can take any DC voltage between 5 – 48V from any source and charge the battery with it. Try connecting a solar panel straight into the charging port. It works. MPPT software is an option for all our systems. You can charge your electric bicycle from your car’s 12V outlet if necessary. Almost anything goes.​

Powertrain Solutions​

Developed for Light Electric Vehicles (LEV), L7 Drive powertrain system can drive any electric motor efficiently and reliably for years on end.​

Based on our proprietary parallel connected battery pack and power electronics, this is the most versatile and long lasting powertrain system you can have.​

Battery capacity and cell count freely configurable, charging from any DC power source (5 – 48V). Solar panel directly to the charging port? No problem. Battery pack is always in balance and the whole capacity is always at your disposal.​

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