Where it all began

2008 our founders faced a way too common problem. An expensive Li-ion battery pack they had built was dead, due to a Battery Management System (BMS) malfunction. Instead of following others and developing ever more complex BMS, this lead them to invent a power electronics technology that does not require BMS to guard the battery.

L7 core technology is still based on that same idea, only much refined and expanded. With L7 Drive system, you can always rely on your battery pack to be in perfect balance and last as long as the cell manufacturer´s specification

What we do

Today, our core technology is employed on multiple different platforms. We have developed new services around it to complement the functions and helping you to manage your own solutions the best way possible.

Our power electronics technology can be utilised in multiple ways from Electric Mobility to Telecom sector power back-up and VPP systems. The cloud-based services guarantee that you are always up to date and in control of your solution, whatever it is.

We can also help you to find the best solution to your challenges, whenever they have something to do with batteries, motor drives, power backup, VPP or IoT services.

Our unique mix of power electronics knowledge, innovative Li-Ion battery pack technology and competence in Internet of Energy makes the difference. 

We are always up to date with the latest technologies and our systems are seamlessly integrated to provide you solutions you can trust. 

We develop, design and build solutions which will ensure that your Li-Ion battery systems are longer lasting, more reliable and better connected. You will always be in control.

Bring us your application, we are here to help you.

Why choose us

Why we do this

We dream of a green and clean world.

We can only make it happen by doing what we do best. Design and build efficient, sustainable energy systems to help you make the best out of your application.

Our power is to empower you. You can make the change with us.

Meet the team

Juri Karpenko
Chairman of the Board

Juri Karpenko has 15+ years of thorough experience in international business, especially in building up relationships between CIS/Russia and western markets. Presently he’s focused on developing technology intensive high-added-value projects with global outreach in Electric Vehicles & Mobility, Chemistry, Engineering & Construction, Food Science, Big Data and Robotics.

Daniel Salonen
CTO, Founding Partner

Daniel Salonen has been widely regarded as one of the leading experts of electric vehicle technology in Finland. His expertise is based on strong instinct and deep understanding of technology and hands on experience in building electric vehicles. Mr. Salonen has won several prizes in technology competitions in national and European level. He is the inventor of the L7 Drive power electronics technology and is committed to developing it into leading product of the industry.

Pentti Bruun
Financing Specialist, Founding Partner

Pentti Bruun has a vast experience in Corporate Finance and Management. He has been working in management teams and as a board member and a chairman in several technology companies. He has also acted as a Private Equity Investor and Investment Banker. Mr. Bruun was also employed in the Confederation of Finnish Industries for 7 years as an Industrial Policy Officer, where he worked in close cooperation with different state ministries. His special area of expertise is Company Strategies, Mergers and Acquisitions and Financing.

Mika Koskimies
VP, Founding Partner

Mika Koskimies has background in Media Industry and Communications, both Production and the Technology field. Last 12 years he has been working exclusively in Electric Vehicle Technology companies as a member of the management team. He has worked and lived in several countries in Europe and Asia, and has extensive knowledge on management of creative processes in different cultural environments. His broad knowledge base has been essential in creating Business Concepts for the company.

Pasi Haikola
Founding Partner & Board member

Pasi Haikola has over 20 years international experience in Sourcing And Supply Chain Management for Automotive, Telecom and Mechanics Industries. He is one of the founding partners of L7 Drive, and before forming the company Mr. Haikola has been working in several managerial positions up to Vice President and a management team level. His previous employees include companies like Nokia, VTI Technologies, Elcoteq, Sandvik and Suunto. He has a very strong background in International Business and extensive business and personal network especially in Asia and Eastern Europe.

Tero Sarkkinen
Senior Advisor

Tero Sarkkinen is a serial entrepreneur with two successful exits under his belt. He was the founder and CEO of Rightware, which became the world #1 supplier of user interface technologies to the automotive industry. Rightware was acquired by Thundersoft of China in 2017. Prior to this, Tero was CEO of Futuremark, a well known PC graphics company. Futuremark was acquired by United Laboratories of USA. In 2015, Tero founded Basemark, a company focusing on industrial grade graphics rendering for AR. He was nominated as Software Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 by Finnish Software Industry and Entrepreneurs Association.

Iikka Pukkila
Senior Advisor

Ilkka Pukkila’s 30 years of experience and expertise in multi-national ICT sector covers several management positions in IBM, Unisys, Nokia Networks and Nokia Siemens Networks in Finland and in Germany. His experience comes from various sales, marketing, product management, and product development positions. In addition, consulting, strategy & innovation, new business development, change management, and start-up spin-off tasks are parts of his skills portfolio.

We create

smart, efficient and sustainable energy solutions

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