Cloud features

L7CloudGaze is a comprehensive solution for status monitoring, remote control and alarm/event handling. Web UI provides an easy-to-use web interface for viewing status, configuring settings and performing actions.​

Main functions

Control Interfaces

Our tailor-made mobile app and browser-based web UI together with our connectivity module can be customized to fit different needs. ​

It can be used in Electric mobility, Telecom power backup as well as Virtual Power Plant. You can monitor vital information and adjust your system parameters. It has statistics function to observe and profile behaviour data. And a lot more.​

Automated Control​

We have developed a system for automatic control of devices equipped with L7SmartGaze or L7CanGate within the L7CloudGaze cloud service

  • ​Automatically adjust the minimum battery level in order to provide the configured backup power usage time. ​
  • Use historical data of each smart device to optimise the minimum battery level.​
  • Optimise battery charging during times when electricity price is at its cheapest level. ​
  • Utilise electricity spot pricing data from an external data source. ​
  • It is also possible to utilise further external data sources (e.g. weather forecasts) for optimisation purposes.

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