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IoT & IoE features

For L7 Drive IoT also means IoE. Internet of Energy enables turning your batteries from passive storage into an active asset that you can control in real-time. With L7 Drive IoT tools optimising the cost or balancing the grid is accurate and safe. You can also use the same tools for vehicle fleet management or different safety monitoring tasks. 


L7 Drive L7SmartGaze is an IoT connection hardware for stationary battery back-up systems originally developed for Smart City 5G applications. It provides cloud connectivity for L7 Drive Power backup system with CAN interface. L7SmartGaze main functions are:

  • Collecting status information from the power backup system (power consumption, operating mode, battery level, battery temperature etc.)
  • Real time remote cloud control of the system (operating mode, usage of energy from grid or battery, adjustment of charging parameters etc.)
  • I/O interface enabling status monitoring and remote control of other functions such as internal temperature, humidity control etc.
  • Enables Virtual Power Plant functions
  • FOTA ability


L7CanGate provides cloud connectivity for any mobile solution enabling remote control, monitoring and fleet management functions.​

L7CanGate main functions:​

  • Collect status information by sending CAN messages/information to the cloud​
  • Real-time remote control of the CAN based system
  • Enables Virtual Power Plant functionality ​
  • FOTA capability​
  • I2C/IO interfaces for external data collection
  • GPS tracking, on-board gyroskope and inclinometer​
  • BT, WiFi and 2G/LTE connectivity

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