The first one cell powertrain system in the world


Connect an electric motor to your battery with one single device from L7 Drive.

It is a new kind of electric powertrain with less electronic complexity and simple mechanical integration. Our device simultaneously manages the battery pack and controls the motor. It also offers multiple charging methods and optional connectivity with your smartphone. Different cloud based services are being developed and released in future. Assembly is clean and simple, one device is all you need. it means less parts to install and less chances of anything going wrong

Possibility of one weak cell stopping your journey is eliminated, because there are no series connections. The technology behind L7 Drive allows you to use parallel connected cells, or even just a single large capacity battery cell. Battery state of charge and lifetime calculations are greatly simplified, corresponding directly to increased reliability and cycle life.



With L7 Drive you only need one device to handle motor control, charging and battery management. Auxiliary power unit is embedded, so you can power your lights and other peripherals and charge your phone without additional devices. Our Drive can be integrated in the battery pack or used as a separate unit, depending on your requirements. Also the battery pack architecture is greatly simplified. With only parallel connections inside the pack, there is no need for battery management electronics. Parallel connected cells behave like one big cell, and our Drive monitors and controls the voltage during use.

  • No need for BMS
  • One device takes care of both cell management and motor control
  • Full capacity is always usable, one weak cell does not stop the vehicle
  • Full regenerative braking capabilities
  • Maximum power available independent of the motor speed
  • Can directly charge the battery from unstable voltage sources, like solar panels
  • Charging control embedded, only a simple AC-DC converter required
  • Intelligent solution suitable for all Li-ion chemistries
  • Fully scalable from 250W to 15kW and beyond.