The first one cell powertrain system in the world

L7 Drive is a new power management solution for all electric motor drives. It reduces electronic complexity and simplifies mechanical construction of the electric powertrain. It has clean and simplified assembly due to less parts to install. Impact of the weak cells is eliminated, because there are no series connections. Battery state of charge and lifetime calculations are simplified, corresponding directly to increased reliability and cycle life.



With L7 Drive you only need one device to handle motor control, charging and battery management. L7 Drive is directly integrated with the battery and there are no wires inside to connect battery to the drive unit. It is also possible to use only one large cell to power your vehicle or other application. This makes assembling your power train really simple.

  • No need for BMS
  • Full capacity is always usable, one weak cell does not stop the vehicle
  • One device takes care of both cell management and motor control
  • Full regenerative braking capabilities
  • Maximum power available independent of the motor speed
  • Can directly charge the battery from unstable voltage sources, like solar panels
  • Only requires a simple isolated AC-DC converter for charging, intelligence is in the Drive
  • Intelligent solution suitable for all Li-ion chemistries
  • Fully scalable from 250W to 40kW and beyond.